Friends of ESTPs are usually both happy and lucky. Happy because they are great fun to be around and lucky because they can count on them to make things happen, particularly when it comes to motivating people into collective action.

The spice of life

Being excited about life is one of the key attributes of ESTPs. They enjoy what they do and do it with a tremendous energy. If they stop enjoying it, they will simply move on to something else. They can often been found in the latest restaurant or seen doing some fun activity such as abseiling or going clubbing.

People's people

With their amazing knack for knowing how to have a good time, it is not surprising to find ESTPs surrounded by people most of the time. They make friends very easily and enjoy making their lives as exciting as their own. Because of this, they usually enjoy being part of a team.

Sense of practicalities

ESTPs are not only very good with people, they are also actually very good at selling their ideas to others and convincing them to take part in their plans. For this reason, Dr. David Keirsey calls them Promoters. This is made better by the fact that they like factual information and are very adaptable.

The flip side of the coin

What is a strength in a certain situation becomes a weakness in another one. Therefore, our strengths and weaknesses are two sides of the same coin and very much depend on circumstances.Promoters need to be aware that some of their strong points can sometimes dis-serve them:
- Letting their attention and energy switch from one thing to another can sometime cause them to lose sight of priorities
- They can sometimes disregard people's opinions and hurt their feelings
- They tend to dislike procedures, even though they are sometimes necessary


It is almost impossible to predict which personalities will get on best. However, type psychologists have tried. Therefore, you can have a look to what they have to say. There are after all, a few good ideas, but you should still be very cautious here, especially for romantic relationships. Be careful about who you entrust your heart to.

David Keirsey says for example in Please Understand Me II that Promoters would be “most compatible” with ISFJ Protectors. The idea is that the Promoter provides fun and excitement to the relationship whilst the Protector enjoys preparing a nice home for the couple.

However, bear in mind that the success of a relationship cannot be predicted on type alone.

Studies and career

Choosing a career is a very important decision. For young people interested in making an informed career choice or anyone willing to change theirs, I strongly recommend that you acquire this fantastic book by Paul Tieger and Barbara Baron: Do What You Are . This book explores, for each of the 16 types, the kind of profession that should allow you to make the best use of your strengths and suit your personality better. You will find here a very short list of professions that the authors would advise for ESTPs:
- Firefighter
- Paramedic
- Respiratory therapist
- Auditor
- Stockbroker
- Fitness instructor
- Construction worker
- Chiropractor
- Product safety engineer

Again, be careful because type alone cannot predict if you will be successful in a career. You also need to take into account your own abilities, dedication to your goal, personal interests, state of the economy, professional environment... There is no guarantee in life. However, this book is a great place to start.

Self esteem

Type is a great tool for learning how to like yourself. In Portraits of Self Esteem , Bonnie J. Golden explains that self esteem is a combination of self-worth and competence in the life areas of relationships, intelligence, emotional self, physical self and work. Basically, the more competent you are in all these areas, the more likely you are to feel good about yourself. Also, it is like not having all your eggs in the same basket: if something bad happens in one of these areas of your life, you will still be able to rely on the others to support yourself. About ESTPs, she mentions the fact that they feel particularly good about themselves when:
- They succeed when everybody else thought they wouldn’t
- They are invited to a friend's get-together
- They seek help through therapy
- They sell themselves successfully during a job interview
- They are being told that they will be more successful than others

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