ENTJs are fantastic and demanding leaders. Their capacity to analyse the future and solve problems has gained them the reputation of “Leaders of leaders”.

The leader of leaders

People usually quickly realise it when they come across an ENTJ. They are extremely ambitious and hard working perfectionists. They exhibit an extreme decisiveness and strong leadership ability, naturally taking control of the situation at hand. They have such confidence in their organisational skills and analytical ability that others often find themselves naturally following their instructions without question. This is why David Keirsey calls them Fieldmarshals.

The long-range thinker

To their qualities of a natural leader, one must add a liking for technology and the capability to understand the long-term consequences of a course of action. This long-range thinking makes them realise that future rewards are the logical consequence of the current hard work they put into achieving their goals. As a result, they strive to master their skills and do not hesitate to make bold moves when they think that the situation calls for it.

The problem solver

When you combine the various abilities resulting from a strongly analytical mind and a drive to succeed, you can understand why Fieldmarshals are very good at solving problems. They can analyse complex issues and find a systemic response to them, often in the form of a truly original idea.

The flip side of the coin

What is a strength in a certain situation becomes a weakness in another one. Therefore, our strengths and weaknesses are two sides of the same coin and very much depend on circumstances.Fieldmarshals need to be aware that some of their strong points can sometimes dis-serve them:

- The natural leadership of Fieldmarshals often means that they tend to be blunt with others. This can result in strained relationships with the people around them, either in their personal life or at work, sometimes both. Fieldmarshals should learn to listen to others more. Listening not only creates trust but often also leads to a better solution.

- Fieldmarshals are so attune to the big picture that they are not interested in details. This can lead to problems and unforeseen situations. They are also so keen on moving forward that they sometimes make decisions too quickly, ignoring certain aspects of their problems.

- Because they are so good at solving problems, Fieldmarshals tend to see them everywhere. They have to learn that sometimes, some things do not need to be fixed and are better left alone.


It is almost impossible to predict which personalities will get on best. However, type psychologists have tried, and you can have a look at what they have to say. There are, after all, a few good ideas, but you should still be very cautious here, especially about romantic relationships. Be careful about who you entrust your heart to.

Keirsey says for example in Please Understand Me II that ENTJ Fieldmarshals would be “most compatible” with INFP Healers. He explains that the Fieldmarshal, used to being in command and planning ahead, is well suited to handle the intensity of the Healer’s spiritual life. In return, the Healer provides the Fieldmarshal with his or her talent for nurturing relationships and a welcome respite from the outside world.

However, bear in mind that the success of a relationship cannot be predicted on type alone.

Studies and career

Choosing a career is a very important decision. For young people interested in making an informed career choice or anyone willing to change theirs, I strongly recommend that you acquire this fantastic book by Paul Tieger and Barbara Baron: Do What you Are . This book explores, for each of the 16 types, the kind of profession that should allow you to make the best use of your strengths and suit your personality better.You will find here a very short list of professions that the authors would advise for ENTJs:

- Advertising account managers
- Healthcare administrator
- Personal finance adviser
- Economist
- Educational consultant
- Corporate/team trainer
- Science/social science teacher
- Biomedical engineer
- Network and computer system administrator
- Project manager

Again, be careful because type alone cannot predict if you will be successful in a career. You also need to take into account your own abilities, dedication to your goal, personal interests, state of the economy, professional environment...

There is no guarantee in life. However, this book is a great place to start your search.


Type also helps you to understand how to like yourself. In Portraits of Self-Esteem , Bonnie J. Golden explains that self esteem is a combination of self-worth and competence in the life areas of relationships, intelligence, emotional self, physical self and work.The more competent you are in all these areas, the more likely you are to feel good about yourself. It is like not having all your eggs in the same basket: if something bad happens in one of these areas of your life, you will still be able to rely on the others to support yourself.About ENTJs, she mentions the fact that they feel particularly good about themselves when:

- They attain their first job without anyone’s assistance
- They look at all the projects at work that they know they had a hand in starting
- They give a public speech in front of people they barely knew
- They receive good grades for their first year back at school
- They play with the stock market and make money

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