Do What You Are

Do What You Are

Let me be clear: there should be a copy of this book in every classroom in the world! In Do What You Are, Paul Tieger and Barbara Barron have made an amazing job at pairing psychological type and career satisfaction. The concept is simple yet very powerful: match your career path with your personality type and you will find it more rewarding. If you spend half of your life at work, you may as well enjoy it!

This book will:
- teach you how your type influences your strengths and weaknesses at work,
- give you great insights about how to get more satisfaction from your job,
- give you tips for successful job hunting.

I really wish they had books like that when I was choosing a career!

There are three parts in the book.

Part 1: unlocking the secrets of personality type

This part is a really good introduction to psychological type. It gives you a brief history of type and the research of Isabel Briggs-Myers. It then goes on to explain the fundamentals of the four scales and gives you a brief description of all 16 types with their strengths and possible “blind spots”.

Part 2: the formula for career satisfaction

Part 2 expands on the previous introduction and describes the four pillars of the authors’ “formula for career satisfaction”.

- It first introduces you to the work of David Keirsey about temperament. The authors also rename the four temperaments slightly differently: the Guardians become the Traditionalists, the Artisans become the Experiencers and the Rationals become the Conceptualizers. The Idealists stay the same.
- They go into explaining the basics of the hierarchy of functions
- They further develop the previous concept by explaining how you extravert or introvert these functions and how this affects the way you do things
- How these functions progressively improve throughout our live and what helps or hurts type development.

Part 3: Getting to work

This is where the rubber meets the road! Now armed with a much better understanding of yourself, you are ready to put the theory to work for you. For each of the 16 types, you will find:
- Three real life examples of your personality at work and why the career choice of these people is right for them
- A list of career satisfaction criteria that people of your type generally agree to
- A list of popular occupations, spanning several industries, generally chosen by people of your type
- Advice on how to make best use of your strengths on your job or when job hunting
The last chapter is about “putting it all together “ and “creating your personal career plan”.

All in all, this superb tool will definitively put you in the right direction. Just think about it: how much time would you save on your career path if you were being told now which jobs you are the most likely to enjoy and why?

Do What You Are
Paul D. Tieger and Barbara Barron
Paperback: 416 pages
Publisher: Sphere; 4th Revised edition edition (5 April 2007)

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