Why knowing your Myers Briggs or Keirsey type can help you leading YOUR life!


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Understanding your personality should be the first step towards getting where you want to go in life. Indeed, it is rather difficult to get somewhere without knowing where you are! This is exactly what the Myers Briggs and Keirsey theories of type are about!

Everybody assumes that others are just like them or that they should be. But guess what? They are wrong! Everybody is different and this is a good thing: different people are good at different things and it keeps the world turning.

How different? The Myers Briggs model counts 16 personality types! You are one of those types and it is hard-wired in your brain. So you can start accepting who you are, stop trying to be someone else and embrace your type’s strengths. You have more of those than you think, by the way.

When you discover your psychological type, two things usually happen. The first one is that you are quite impressed with the accuracy of your profile. The second is that you start making more informed choices about what suits you best in terms of studies, career or working methods. Your relationships also start to improve as you understand why you do things the way you do and why others sometimes see them differently.

All in all, there is gold to be found in your psychological type, which makes discovering who you are a fascinating and rewarding process. Enjoy the journey!

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